Home styling ideas for selling a home in 2020

Are you planning on selling your home? We have 20 tips that'll help you style your home for maximum value.

We are going to cover some ingenious house hacks that'll turn any home into a stylish home to drive more interest. 

If you have any questions about selling your home, we have answered them here

1. Get Expert Opinions

Most homeowners don’t usually know what they can do to make their home sell at the best possible price. Real estate agents can help you identify the things that will need to replace or repair before looking to list your home on the market.

Compare a couple of real estate agents as each will have their own unique set of ideas and local knowledge.

Experts Opinion

Local agents regularly deal with buyers and sellers in your suburb and thus know the ins and outs and know the crucial elements that can convert the average prospect into a buyer. 

2. Make Sure The Outside of Your Home is Presentable

Property sizes are getting smaller and smaller, maximizing your available space is essential to opening your home to a larger market.

Often locals, neighbors, and random drivebys will also be interested. It's common to have cars stopping out the front and looking in. Having a well-presented yard can be a great first impression. 

Outdoor Decorations

Keep the lawn maintained and plant fresh plants that can help boost the appeal of your home; Consider fertilizing established gardens with some fresh bark or rocks.

A clean curb also gives a great impression. 

3. Keep Your House Sparkling Clean

Cleaning your house may be an obvious thing to do before anyone comes to visit your home, but the job is often not done well enough. When we say cleaning the house, we mean deep cleaning commonly referred to as a "bond clean" or "presale clean". 

If you want to impress the buyers sufficiently, you will need to scrub everything and anything that can be cleaned and keep all the countertops spotless at all times.

Tidy Home

The task requires many hours of effort, and tidying up your home can take hours, if not days. For potential buyers, a clean spot-free home indicates that the previous owner was a tidy person, and the house has generally seen good housekeeping, which can be a huge plus point for most buyers. 

This tip is a relatively inexpensive way to bring up the value of your property.

However, it is a task that requires hours and days of effort. Before putting your house on sale, make sure that you've washed and cleaned all the surfaces and removed all the removable stains.

You could also hire some professional cleaners to clean out the things that you can't. 

4. Fix everything Broken or Cracked

No one wants to buy a house that needs work. If your home isn't being sold as a "renovator" than it's best to fix things like leaking showerheads, wall cracks here and there and those broken lights.

Perfect Bathroom

You should also ensure that all your fittings are functional and not filled with grime. If they are, you could scour them to get rid of the algae and dirt or use a cleaning agent to clean the fittings. 

5. Declutter 

Nobody likes a home full of stuff. Its time to remove, sell or store all those old belongings and pieces of random furniture collected over the years. A house filled with clutter never leaves a good impression on visitors. 

The most important space to declutter is the kitchen. Buyers will come and visit the kitchen, and this space tends to get piled up with unnecessary pots and pans. Before any visitors do visit your home, make sure that your kitchen is clean, and all the countertops scrubbed.

It is time for you to do away with anything unnecessary or unsightly. Now is the time to make sure that your home can appeal to the vast majority of homeowners. 

If you’re unsure about this step, you could hire a home styling agent that could advise you on the things that you need to get rid of; home styling agents will be able to guide you better based on the type of house you have.

6. Upgrade or Properly clean your Floors

The floors of any house are more important than we think.

At the very least, you should scrub and clean your floorboards and make sure that you use a good detergent that wipes out the grit and grime that can accumulate on the corners of the room. 

If your wooden floors have too many scratches, you could get them repolished, this is typically an expensive exercise, so discuss with your agent. If your carpet is stained or marked, consider replacing your carpet, this is an inexpensive exercise.

Upgrading Floor Boards

Buyers place enormous value on the flooring because the right flooring helps bring up the furniture to its full appeal.

Flooring styles that are outdated don't go unnoticed and one of the top things pointed out in walkthroughs. Buyers are frequently requesting for the flooring to be changed.

You could also place contemporary rugs on the floor, which could help increase the aesthetic charm of your room.

7. Improve the Lighting

If you're trying to boost the value of your home, you might want to consider investing in good lighting options.

Good lighting can elevate the feel of your place significantly, opt for fashionable and contemporary options. It may not be a bad idea to hire a lighting designer that could help advise you on the types of lighting and the types of styles that would go best with your house. 

Improved Lighting

At the very least, buy a few table lamps and wall hanging lamps to put up in your dining area and the entrance area.

You could make your home look inviting by putting up aesthetic fairy lights on the entrance along with a cute welcome sign. 

8. Invest in Big Mirrors

Mirrors lining the corridors and mirrors anywhere add a chic feeling to your home and also make your living space appear more spacious.

Mirrors and paintings are an inexpensive way to make your house look bigger and better! 

Large Mirrors In Room

9. Free up Your Cupboards to Make Them Look Spacious 

There are undoubtedly going to be visitors that will peek in your cabinets and cupboards.

To make them look spacious, it's a good idea to store some of your clothes elsewhere for a while. 

Make sure that all your clothes are properly ironed and hung, and the clothes that are supposed to be folded are correctly folded and placed in small stacks.

Nobody likes seeing a cluttered closet, and you wouldn’t want your clothing items to be visible in bare sight either.

10. Remove any unusual smells

People looking to buy your home will look at every inch of the house, lift every rug and open every door, but they also smell. Make sure your laundry is cleaned before it piles up and starts giving off any odors.

If you own any pets, make sure their litter is clean, take your bins out, use drain cleaner to remove drain smells and consider using candles. 

Lighting up a few scented candles or spraying an air freshener around the room (especially the bathrooms!) can leave your home looking homely and pleasant.

11. Invest in Fluffy White Towels

A safe way to make sure that your bathrooms give off a spa-type vibe is by investing in fluffy white towels that you can stack neatly in the bathrooms.

Not only do they give the entire bathroom a clean look, but they also help make a confident, calm impression and go with most bathroom looks. 

Towels In Bathroom

12. Organize Your Bookshelves

Place all your books in order of size and color code them as much as you can to make your bookshelf look as neat and tidy as possible.

If your bookshelves have empty space, you could utilize that space by putting in small pots and things at the end as bookends. 

A neat and tidy bookshelf can make your space look sophisticated, and it generally makes your living space look even more orderly.

For your home to sell at a high price, it needs to be both clean and tidy. There is no point in having a clean house if you don’t display the cleanliness by putting all the things in their places.

13. Focus On Your Bathrooms

Bathrooms are indeed a crucial part of seller decisions.

It's funny how such a small space can take up so much importance, but let's look at ways you could capitalize on this opportunity. 

An easy way to get rid of surface mold in your bathrooms is by spraying the bathroom walls and any areas that you think are moldy with diluted bleach.

Just put half a cup of bleach and half cup water in a spray can and spray it all over your bathrooms. The diluted spray will remove all the mold and even most of the accumulated soaps on the bathroom walls. 

Renovated Bathrooms

You could also paint your tiles with a glossy paint to avoid costs and make your bathroom look fresh. 

A beautiful vanity mirror with good lighting will make buyers ogle over your bathroom no matter how small it is. Most people look at bathrooms as a source to pamper themselves in.

14. Upgrade Your Windows Or The Curtains

If your wall curtains have started to show signs of fraying or generally don’t look too good with the themes of the room, you might consider replacing them with blinds that can give your rooms a contemporary look. 

White Curtains

Upgrading your windows may look like a hefty expense, but in reality, it is not.

You can quickly get cheap or affordable blinds from a thrift store and then set them up on your own. This inexpensive hack can look great.

15. Less Is Always More

You can add a homely touch into your home by adding baskets of fruit or vases of flowers to give your home a fresh feel. 

An excellent way to make your rooms look even more appealing is by using frilled bedsheets and linen covers for your beds.

If you’re doubtful about the colors that would look best invest in whites and neutral shades. 

You could also keep one color scheme for your entire house or follow a different color scheme for different rooms.

16. Know The Local Trends And Decide on The Type of Crowd You Want to Attract

For the latest trends, it is better for you to talk to a home styling agent.

Home styling agents in your area know what is in and what is not.

Many people continually refer to home styling agents to ask for help in styling their homes and make requests for certain things that could help your house sell quicker and also sell for more.

Beautiful Styled Room

No doubt the area your house is in, and its general style will only attract a particular type of audience.

So if you’re planning on selling a home, you need to decide on the style you want to keep and the audience you want to attract.

However, this is an important step, and you shouldn’t be doing this on your own, so it is best to speak with your local real estate agent that can guide you better.

Property styling helps you style up your place, declutter your space, and make your home look its best.

Whether you plan to sell your home or if you’re looking for small ways to make your home look better and more spacious, knowing these tricks can come in handy.