About RealConnect

RealConnect is a unique independent real estate company which connects residential & commercial property owners & investors to real estate agents and property managers. We operate Australia wide & have registered agents waiting to offer their services from most areas across the country. We have a keen passion to create an easy to use, low cost system to benefit everyone dealing in the real estate industry. We aim to increase profits for property owners as well as real estate agents by lowering the business expenses for the agents and allowing them to offer the same service to property owners for less.

Our unique system enables real estate agents and property managers to save thousands of dollars on advertising costs to find customers, and therefore ensures that their customers will receive the lowest commission rates and management fees that no other service has to offer.

Here at RealConnect we follow an honest, fair and non biased approach towards our registered real estate agents and property managers. We dont give preference to any agents and we don't believe in rating agents or promoting certain agents over others. We give all agents and property managers equal opportunity to put their best foot forward and we leave it up to the property owners and investors to decide who they would like to engage. We have many agents to choose from in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Cairns, Darwin, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, as well as all surrounding areas. All of which are eager to offer you their best quotes for the management of your property.

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RealConnect provides a simple and effective way to connect
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