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Here at RealConnect we follow an honest, fair and non biased approach towards our registered real estate agents and property managers. We don't give preference to any agents and we don't believe in rating agents or promoting any agents over others. We give all agents and property managers equal opportunity to put their best foot forward and we leave it up to the property owners and investors to decide who they would like to engage. As one of our registered real estate agents you will be given the opportunity to pursue multiple leads generated by RealConnect. RealConnect will notify you whenever a new lead in your area is generated. Contact the leads you would like to pursue who have viewed your profile and submit your best obligation-free offer for consideration. Some leads may proactively contact you using the phone or email details in your profile. Our service fees are charged only when you successfully sell or lease a property.

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Start receiving real estate leads & property management leads to increase your income

RealConnect generates a range of real estate leads from across Australia and we offer registered agents on our database to sales and property management leads.

  • Free Leads! No Fee's unless you are successful!
  • Alerting you to vendors in your local area looking for an agent to sell their property.
  • Alerting you to landlords in your local area looking for a property manager to manage the rental of their property.
  • Providing a new source of incremental business.
  • Providing a low risk business model.

How it works

Step 1
Signup and become a member
Complete your profile, choose type of leads you would like to receive.
Step 2
Leads view your profile
Leads see a list of suitable agents for their property and compare based on your profile and marketing documents
Step 3
Receive lead details
You receive an email to alert you of all new leads that match your selections.
Step 4
Connect with the customer
You login and review the contact and property details of each lead. Good luck!

Service Fees

You are required to pay a service fee when you successfully sell or lease a property. Our service fees vary depending on the final sale price or the weekly rental amount. Fees are due within 12 days of the transaction and can be paid by direct deposit.

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Agent Terms and Conditions

By signing up, you agree to the terms and conditions of being an agent on Real-Connect

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View Property Management Leads

RealConnect offers our registered real estate agents good quality property management leads right across Australia. Click the button below to register and receive real estate leads in your area.

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