45 Renovation Ideas Before You Sell Your Home

Many homeowners who face difficulty in selling their homes are advised to try some small renovations to turn their house into a more presentable property. When buyers look for a new home, they are more attracted to innovative interior design.

Not only do they add to the interior appeal of the house but they also add value to its potential sale value or, refinance to increase equity.

In this post, there are 45 popular interior renovation ideas to help you prepare your home for selling and get top dollar.

45 Amazing Renovation Ideas for Your Home:

1. Increase Space

This is an easy revamp technique that can add impressive value to your home before you sell it. Declutter the house by removing furniture that makes it look cramped and dark. Another way to increase space is to introduce an open floor plan. 

2. An Open Plan Kitchen

The kitchen is one area in a house that can greatly uplift the interior décor. You can try an open-style kitchen renovation to impress the visitors.

It might be a bit on the expensive side but once done, you can really get excellent ROI on it.

3. Update Drawer Pulls

If you’re not looking for some major renovations, simply try updating the drawers and cabinet pulls as well as door handles in the kitchen and the bathrooms to achieve an updated and fresh look.

4. Install New Curtains

Many people overlook this area but it can be damaging to the overall value of the house. You can update your window decoration by installing beautiful and bold blinds or some natural bamboo shades to make the windows look more attractive. 

5. Landscape Your Yard

Curb appeal is one way to improve the exterior of your house but if the landscape is overlooked, it will be of little use. Landscaping can be achieved by adding some flowering shrubs and tall plants as well as some rocks and other natural elements.

6. Update the Kitchen Cabinets

There is a wide range of beautiful and modern cabinet designs available on the market today. One simple way to update your existing kitchen is to install new cabinets by choosing a contemporary layout. 

7. Increase Lighting

Dark spaces usually appear to be gloomy and uninviting. Try enhancing natural light in your house by installing some new windows and using skylights. Some artificial lighting options can also prove to be highly effective.

8. Update the Bathrooms

After the kitchen, bathrooms are the areas that most buyers head to when they are inspecting a house. There are many ways to update a bathroom that include installing a new vanity or changing the light fixtures.

9. Make a Home Office

Many people nowadays work from home for many reasons. You can easily convert an existing room, preferably a sunroom or even a den into a simple and value-adding workspace. It is one of the most inexpensive ways to renovate your home.

10. Add Wallpaper

Another easy and quick renovation trick is to update or install new wallpaper on the walls. Check out some amazing 3D wallpapers or bold colours and graphics to make your walls look more attractive.

11. Kerb Appeal

If you don’t pay attention to how the entrance to your home looks like, there are chances of losing some prospective buyers due to a worn-out old curb. One of the most cost-effective ways to enhance curb appeal is to paint the exterior of your home.

12. Update the Living Room Ceiling

Accent ceilings look great and attractive and it is not very difficult to achieve this look. First, you will need to paint the beams in a light colour and then use the gaps between the beams to install an accent ceiling.

13. Add a Sunroom

Outdoor living is gaining in popularity all over the world. People like to get a feeling of sunlight flowing into their homes from all directions. This can be easily achieved by adding a sunroom to your house. There can be both heated and unheated sunrooms. 

14. Create a Man Cave

It may sound silly but it is something totally awesome and it would definitely bring a smile to the prospective buyer’s face. Men like to escape from the usual sights and sounds, drink in peace or watch a game with their friends.

15. Paint the Walls

One of the least expensive ways to give your home a fresh look is to paint the walls. You can experiment with different combinations to bring out the best in any room. It is also a good way to make the home look spacious and inviting.

16. Go Neutral

This might not sound like a renovation project but something that you need to do in almost every room. It is a good idea to create a neutral atmosphere so that your prospective buyers may have a chance to imagine how they will decorate the room.

17. Change the Flooring

If you can afford it, this simple revamp can have a huge impact on the value of your home. If you already have tiled floor, you may need to update or repair the tiles to make it look new.

18. Buy Some Wall Hangings

Decorating the walls is the easiest way to bring some vigour to the interior of a home. You can get your hands on some beautiful wall hangings for less when they go on sale.

19. Add a Bedroom

If you have some space for adding an extra bedroom, this single step can add up to 30% value to your home! Even if you don’t have space, you may need to convert a loft into a bedroom.

20. Transform a Cellar

Transforming a cellar into an efficient storage space is a great way to add value to your property. Everyone loves some extra storage and it is also quite easy to achieve.

21. Convert the Garage

Some people also convert their garage into living space especially if there is a parking area outside. This extra room can also be used as a store or converted into a sunroom.

22. Add a New Bathroom

Having an extra bathroom in the home is a welcoming idea, especially for families with kids. It is also possible to split an existing bathroom into two separate and independent units. 

23. Introduce Open-Plan Living Area

The open-plan kitchen is a great idea but sometimes the kitchen is located a little farther from the living room. An open-plan living means knocking the wall down that connects the living room with the dining room or any other adjacent area.

24. Install a Dining Room Hutch

The built-in dining room hutch can be a great addition to your home as it offers some extra storage space and also makes interior décor a breeze.

25. Install a Pantry

A pantry is a must-have element of a modern kitchen. It not only adds functionality to your kitchen but also enhances the value of a home. 

26. Remodel the Basement

An empty basement can offer great opportunities for remodeling especially when you’re in the process of selling your home. It can be converted into a game room, media room or simply an extra bedroom. 

27. Install Fiberglass Insulation

Adding fiberglass insulation can greatly increase the value of your home as it helps to save on energy costs. And it is one of those renovations that many potential homebuyers will notice. 

28. Replace the Garage Door

The garage is probably the first thing any visitor notices and therefore replacing the old garage door with a new one has the ability to give a facelift to your home. 

29. Replace the Windows

Old windows can be replaced with modern and more energy-efficient windows. And you can also mention it in your ad to attract more prospective buyers.

30. Make the Design Accessible

Modern homes are being designed in such a way that they are accessible by everyone. Change your design so that it appeals not only to new couples but also to the elderly and people with disabilities. 

31. Replace the Roof

This area might not have crossed your mind as yet because many people don’t consider it important. However, it is also a reality that home buyers inspect the roof and therefore it would be a good idea to replace it.

32. Update the Wall Sockets

If your home has old wall sockets, it’s time you updated them. Many home buyers inspect the electrical outlets for their safety and convenience before buying a home. 

33. Introduce Smart Home Technology

You can check out some smart devices for your home if you want to increase its value. These devices can be controlled via a mobile app from anywhere in the world. 

34. Try a Universal Design for the Bathroom

Walk-in showers, support bars and universal accessibility are some of the features that people nowadays look for in their bathrooms. Try to introduce these elements and see how the value of your home increases. 

35. Add a Wooden Deck

A wooden deck is one of the most beautiful additions you could have for your home. This outdoor area is sure to be a hit among home buyers.

36. Kitchen Remodelling

When it comes to the kitchen, there are many things you can try. Other than adding a pantry and an island, you can also replace the countertops to give it a new look.

37. Siding Replacement

It’s not a cheap renovation but it almost always does the trick. There are many types of siding available on the market. Choose one according to your budget.

38. Replace the Bathroom Tiles

If complete makeover sounds too expensive, one way to update the look of your old bathrooms is to replace the tiles.

39. Transform the Entrance

Many people simply replace the entrance door to update it. However, there are many other ways to improve the look of the entrance and you can try one to impress the potential home buyers.

40. Add a Powder Room

A powder room can just be an extra bathroom with a few unique features. You can convert an existing bathroom into one by making it more feminine. It can have a great impact on the value of your home. 

41. Update the Master Bedroom

When you decide to move out, it would be a good idea to convert your master bedroom into a luxury suite. It’s a costly renovation but it sure does appeal to a number of home buyers out there. 

42. Upgrade the Backyard

Many people also inspect the backyard when they are looking for a new home. An attractive backyard will definitely make your home appear more attractive and liveable. 

43. Replace the Railing

Whether it’s the deck railing or indoor staircase railing, replacing it with a new one will definitely give a new look to the entire area.

44. Install Wooden Flooring

It can get very expensive but it will also increase the worth of your home. The good thing is, there are almost unlimited varieties and patterns when it comes to wooden flooring so you can also test your creative skills.

45. Remove Old Wallpapers

Even if you don’t plan on installing new ones, it’s always a good idea to remove the old and worn-out wallpapers before you present your home to potential buyers. A good alternative is to paint the walls for a fresher look. 


Selling a home calls for a lot of prep work that not only includes decluttering and cleaning but also a few minor renovations that would serve to increase the value of your home. Unfortunately, not all renovations offer a great return on investment. Sometimes there are features in the house that prospective buyers don’t need or want.

It’s a good idea to get rid of those elements before listing your house up for sale. Check out the ideas discussed in this post to start on home staging right away.

All these ideas are budget-friendly and mostly involve only cosmetic touches here and there.