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It's no secret that using the basic concept of shopping around can save you a lot of money with anything that you are shopping for, so we have taken this concept and built an online platform that does the shopping around for you and provides you with multiple quotes from multiple local real estate agencies for you to compare the fees, experience, and marketing strategies to sell your property.

Why are agents offering lower than advertised rates through our system?

1- Our system creates a high level of competition for real estate agencies. This alone is extremely effective at encouraging each agency to offer their best rates up front and also means that the system itself has essentially negotiated the best deal from each agency, saving you the hassle of having to try to negotiate the best deal from each agency yourself.

2-  An agencies fees and proposal will vary from property to property based on its value, the buyer demand for your property and the amount of time and effort that the agent believes will be involved in selling the property. The quotes provided through our service are not just the average sales fees that you will find advertised. Our system allows each real estate agent to research your property before offering a proposal so they are able to customise their fees and proposal to match your property.

3 - An agent may be aware of one or more buyers who are willing to pay top dollar for a property just like yours and will often offer much lower than average rates knowing that a quick and easy sale can be made. 


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How Do I Sell My Property

Listing My Property For Sale

I have made the decision to sell my property. Now how do I find the best real estate agent to list my property with? Who will be the right real estate agent for the kind of property that I have to sell, and who will sell my property the quickest at the best possible price? Well that depends on my individual circumstances. Whether i'm selling a residential unit, selling a house, or an apartment - I will want to find the best real estate agent for the job.

To determine the best real estate agent, we first need to determine what we would like the result to be.

Reaching Prospective Buyers

Firstly, it is important to get information about the sale of your property in front of the right people. By the right people, I mean reaching prospective buyers and/or real estate investors.

A Quick Sale

Secondly, it is important to sell your property in the least possible time and with minimum stress. You don’t want your property for sale and on the market for months. That would be a time consuming, wasteful and expensive process. You would prefer a quick, profitable and low stress sale.

The Best Possible Price

Finally, you want to negotiate the best possible price when you sell your property. Your property is valuable asset, therefore the negotiated sale price needs to reflect the current value, or more!
Finding the best real estate agent to reach prospective buyers and investors, is paramount to securing a quick sale at the best possible price. RealConnect is a free and simple sales tool to help you do just that. Our online platform allows you to compare multiple real estate agency proposals for you to compare a real estate agent’s fees, experience and services, so you can find the best agent to sell your property.

Reaching Prospective Buyers

It’s surprising how often a property can sell by ‘word-of-mouth’ publicity; somebody knows somebody who is selling an apartment (or a house, or villa), and they also know somebody who needs to buy one. Resulting in a mutual friend performing the introductions.
If both the buyer and the seller come to an agreement, then that seals the deal. When that happens, it’s perfect – but it’s better not to depend on luck in the normal course of life!
Circumstances like that are few and far between. When you sell your property, you need a real estate agent to carry out a campaign to reach out and capture the attention of as many prospective buyers or investors as possible. If you're selling an office space or unit, I need an experienced commercial agent to inform the business community of that space. The same applies with land for development – potential real estate developers need to be informed.
Targeted, informed advertising will form a major part of that campaign. Therefore you need to find a real estate agent with the experience in selling your property type, one who will advertise in the right publications and websites that emphasises the benefits and value of your property. You need an agent that will highlight the best features of your property, negotiate a premium price and convince prospective buyers that your property is their future dream home or investment property.

Time that the property is on the market

A quick sale is always desirable. You want to sell your property in the quickest possible time at the best possible price. You don’t want your unit, house or apartment to be languishing on the market indefinitely. Continued, sustained advertising will decimate your budget and to make matters worse, it will diminish the property’s value. It may not only be costing you time and money to sell your property, you may ultimately have to settle for a lower price than you had hoped to get. When a property is slow to sell, it is stressful for everyone concerned.
Conversely, some properties will naturally sell faster than others. A beautifully maintained home in a prime neighbourhood, at an attractive price – whether it's a house, apartment, unit or villa – will usually be snapped up quickly by a lucky buyer. This type of property will generally sell quicker than a piece of land on the edge of town – unless the price is right. This would also be true for an office unit in a prime business complex, compared to an office in a quiet area where a quick sale is less likely to occur.

And what about land? You may know that your piece of land has great development potential. But does your real estate agent have the ability and experience to be able to convince a property developer to invest in it? Convincing a developer to invest in your property could be challenging for a less experienced real estate agent. You want to find an agent with a proven track record, or specialises in selling this type of property.

Every property is unique; therefore it is important to find the right real estate agent with the right experience to secure a quick profitable sale.

Will I Get My Asking Price?

That largely depends on the skills of the negotiating real estate agent, how many prospective buyers you have, and ultimately, how much they are willing to pay for your property. If the demand for the type of property you are selling is at a premium and several buyers are in competition for it, then you have a much higher chance of achieving your asking price. The same can be true of an office, unit or land for development. But if, the market is slow or sluggish,
you may have to readjust your expectations. You must be realistic, understand the market, and be confident in the advice of your agent. Lacking confidence in your real estate agent, ignoring valuable advice or having unrealistic expectations could not only result in your property not selling, but also result in your property decreasing in value. This is where your choice of real estate agent will come to the fore.

The State of the Market

Will I get my asking price when I sell my property? While selecting the right real estate agent is important, it also depends on the state of the market when you’re selling. If the property market is prosperous and buoyant, then you are more likely to get your asking price or possibly even more than expected. If the market is slow, that’s another story. Unfortunately, the real estate market is not something that any of us have any control over.
Sometimes there’s a big demand for units or apartments. Other times, there’s a great demand for houses or villas. At such a time, any residential unit, house, apartment or villa may sell in a much quicker timeframe. Of course, you can refrain from putting your property for sale until the time is right.  You might prefer to put it on the market after Christmas. But after Christmas, money may be tight and people may not be prepared to spend money just yet. You might prefer to sell during the
early summer, as this suits you better.
The market is not under anyone’s control. We can’t always choose when we want to sell a property. Sometimes we’re compelled to do so for financial or personal reasons, or sometimes we just want a change. Regardless of the reason, it is always advisable to find a skilled professional real estate agent who will give you the best advise for your personal circumstances and for the current market conditions.

Tipping the Odds in my Favour

No, you can’t control the real estate market. But when you sell your property, there are certain measures you can take that will increase your chances of getting your asking price. Let’s look at these measures. 

Find a real estate agent who knows how to reach the right people – the right people being genuine prospective buyers or real estate investors. Getting the marketing campaign right is crucial. It doesn’t matter how much you spend or how many people you reach. If the audience of your marketing campaign are not genuine buyers or investors looking for your type of property, the campaign will be unsuccessful.

Remember, you only need one customer to buy your property. You may spend thousands of dollars on television advertising. The advertisement may get thousands of viewers. But if none of them are looking for your type of property to buy, then they will tune out, resulting in wasted money. Demographic is everything. If a print publication has readers in the income bracket that suits your property or purchase, it is worth the expenditure.
However, the most successful marketing tool for real estate, whether it is land, houses, apartments or units, is the Internet. The internet has the ability to refine the search of the prospective buyer to their exact requirements, location and budget. There are a number of platforms for online property listings and the right real estate agent will help you find the best value platform so that your property will reach your buying audience with optimal ease.

Use clever copywriting. 

Your property is the perfect property for someone. Professional copywriting will highlight your property’s best features. Clever copywriting will focus on the positive rather than the negative, highlighting positive features relevant to the quick and easy sale of your property in the most likely target market.

Keep the property maintained.

If you care for and keep your property maintained, it will aid greatly in a quick and easy sale. Houses, villas, apartments, and units, even vacant land, will benefit if it is kept clean, maintained and tidy. Refurbishing properties to maintain a shiny, new look can also be helpful. If it is vacant land, it is important to maintain the lawn, or keep the garden trimmed and litter free. Generally, buyers are reluctant to spend money on property which looks likely to cost money right after purchasing – unless it is for a price. The more tempting a property, the more likely you will have a quick sale at the price you are seeking.

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